The largest specimen of the Rodingite monolith at STONE 2023


The company ROCK TOMBS Daniel Wojciechowski proudly presents a monumental monolith of rodingite from a Polish quarry. This unusual rock, called Rodingite, is an extraordinary specimen weighing approximately 2,100 kg, 180 cm high and 100 cm in circumference. Its unique features and rarity make it the largest monolith of this type in the world.

Rodingite from a Polish quarry is a raw material of exceptional regional value. Its impressive dimensions and uniqueness make it not only a valuable element, but also an object of interest during various events.

The long-term exploitation of the quarry has allowed us to explore the secrets of this unique raw material, giving the partnership with Rodingit not only a business aspect, but also great historical and geological significance.

Rodingite from a Polish quarry will be an important element of the presentation and an inspiration for the tombstone industry, opening up new possibilities for using this unique raw material.