Record-breaking edition of the Stone & Glass fair is over


On Saturday, November 23rd, the most important event of the stone and glass industry ended with the STONE and GLASS trade fairs. The fair block included four exhibition pavilions and was attended by nearly 300 exhibitors, 60% of whom were foreign exhibitors from Europe, as well as China, India, Brazil, USA and South Africa. Such statistics prove that the trade fair held in Poznań is a key meeting of the industry and a very attractive platform for international business contacts.

MTP Poznań Expo (MTP) during 4 days gathered over 5500 visitors representing stone-cutting companies, stone wholesalers, sculptors, manufacturers, architects and interior designers, as well as service companies. The trade fair has beaten last year's charts in terms of visitors, exhibitors and exhibition space, thus setting another record that the organisers will try to beat in the coming year on 18-21.11.2020 in Poznań.

Cutting-edge technologies

This year's STONE exhibition covered four exhibition halls, where the exhibitors presented inspiring displays of natural and synthetic stone, specialist equipment for stone cutting and processing, as well as chemical agents for cleaning and preservation of stone surfaces. This year's edition strongly emphasised innovation and technology through the presentation of modern machines and equipment for stone processing. Industry leaders such as: WEHA, MACH+, BRETON, PROMASZ, ALTI-TECH, MC DIAM, MEKANIKA, DIANORMET, SYNTETYK presented their new products.

ATMSolutions presented a new dimension of stone processing with the WaterJet 1010-FA machine for fast and precise water jet cutting, while Breton exhibited the highest quality GENYA monobloc bridge saw with its intuitive design, top-quality components and high operational efficiency.

Beauty captured in a rough stone

Marble, granite, sandstone, quartz are extremely beautiful and unique materials, which are presented at the Stone Fair every year by exhibitors from all over the world, which include for example: MARMI SCALA, TIERA STONES, EGA GROUP, MAGMA, GLOBAL STONE, PAMIR, HALINDENS.  It is also here where LAPITEC synthesised stone and SEMI QUARTZ synthetic stone have been exhibited.

This year's STONE Fair saw the debut of the "Inspiring Stone" zone, where stone objects were presented and top brands and unusual designs were awarded. Also lectures were held in this space, such as the one given by Anil Tanya, Director of World Natural Stone Associacion, on the future of natural stone in relation to artificial material. In turn, Mr Lapidaris gave
a presentation on history carved in stone while Lubosz Karwat talked about the secrets of contemporary mosaic. Moreover, visitors also had the opportunity to see the [LITO]SFERA exhibition of works prepared by students and professors of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the university.

Who won the stone processing champion title?

During this year's edition of the STONE Fair, the Polish Championships in Manual Stone Cutting were held for the second time.  The main areas of competition were architectural detail based on technical drawings, lettering works and bas-reliefs or sculptures based on general topics.  The organisers of the competition - the Association of Stone Industry Employers and Grupa MTP  - decided that the material for the work was Polish natural stone: Polish sandstones and limestones. For 3 days they bravely fought against Polish natural stones, limestone and sandstone, creating incredible works of art. The task was not easy because, of course, using mechanical tools was not allowed and only manual processing was involved. All the works were delightful, but the jury chose Artur Janaszek's work. 

Gold Medals awarded, Acanthus Aureus granted

The MTP Gold Medal is one of the most valued awards on the Polish market. For 40 years, it has been a symbol of prestige, promoting innovative products and solutions that change the image of the Polish economy. Among all the products entered in the competition for the Gold Medal at the STONE Fair, the Jury decided that 6 products were worthy of this award.

  1. Edge band saw? for stone and ceramics, EDILPLUS model by COMANDULLI COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE SRL, submitted by MACH PLUS Sp. z o.o.
  2. 5-axis cutting and milling centre by BRETON Sp. z o.o. A.
  4. LAPIDARIS sp. z o.o. CZECHY – manufacturer and notifier
  5. Lapitec - syntherized stone by Lapitec spa from Italy, submitted by EURO-GRANIT ADAMUS Grzegorz Adamus
  6. Water cutter ATMS WATERJET 1010-B by ATM Solutions Sp. z o.o. Sp. k

Success at the trade fair depends, among other things, on the marketing strategy adopted. This strategy should be well translated into the implementation of the stand, including graphic and architectural solutions. By awarding the Golden Acanthus award, MTP wants to distinguish the companies that best achieve these goals. During Stone '19, the following stands stood out the most:

  1. MEKANIKA z o.o.
  3. WEHA   z o.o.
  4. BRETON S.p.A.
  5. EURO-GRANIT ADAMUS Grzegorz Adamus
  6. MAGEMAR POLSKA Sp. z o.o.
  7. PAMIR Sp. z o.o.

The award winners were among us

Among Stone exhibitors there are both new exhibitors, as well as "well-known players" and industry leaders. We are extremely pleased that these companies decide to celebrate their jubilees at the Poznań Stone Fair.

  1. GLOBGRANIT II Marek Sadek celebrated its 20th anniversary
  2. MAGEMAR POLSKA Sp. z o.o. celebrated its 20th anniversary
  3. EURO-GRANIT ADAMUS Grzegorz Adamus celebrated its 30th anniversary
  4. PAMIR Sp. z o.o. celebrated its 40th anniversary
  5. FERRARI & CIGARINI Srl celebrated its 50th anniversary
  6. The Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków celebrated its 70th anniversary

Stonemason or artist?

Artistic Workshop run by Lubosz Karwat was the venue of mosaic workshops. During the workshops visitors could use stone to create elements of an abstract mosaic of birds: hummingbirds, swallows, pigeons. At the stand they could also see selected mosaic projects made by the artist.

The Lipowa Avenue hosted "[LITO] SFERA", an exhibition of stone sculpture prepared by professors and students of the Faculty of Sculpture of the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. 

The next edition

When: 18-21 November 2020

Where: MTP Poznań Expo