Occupational Health and Safety in the Stonemasonry Industry


Two days of trade shows, hundreds of exhibitors, and numerous important topics discussed in various panel discussions. One of the key issues that will be addressed during the Stone Fair is occupational health and safety in stonemasonry facilities. On the second day of the trade fair, there will be a panel discussion focused on Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in the stonemasonry industry, particularly concerning new regulations, standards, and hazards associated with this sector.

In recent years, we have been paying increasing attention to ensuring proper OHS standards in the workplace. In the stonemasonry industry, where employees are often exposed to various harmful substances and airborne particles, respiratory protection plays a crucial role. Therefore, the panel will address issues related to noise, dust, and the use of personal protective equipment, such as half-masks, masks, and other respiratory protective gear.



One of the important partners of this event is the company OXYLINE SP. Z O.O., which actively supports a social campaign with the slogan "Protect Yourself and Others – Wear a Half-Mask." This campaign was created for employers, employees, and all individuals involved in OHS. The aim of these activities is to popularize and disseminate knowledge about protecting respiratory pathways using filtering half-masks.

A filtering half-mask is a respiratory protective device that provides protection against harmful aerosols, such as dust, fumes, or mists. These types of air pollutants occur in various fields, including mining, agriculture, automotive mechanics, forestry, and the textile industry. Not only in workplaces but also during household tasks, individuals can be exposed to these hazards.