Indian Stone at the Stone 2023 Fair


Capexil, known as the Council for the Promotion of Export in India, is a powerful institution with a long history of supporting the export of chemical and related products from India. Established in 1958, it boasts a membership of over 4,500 members across the country. This year, Capexil is participating in the Stone Fair in Poland, showcasing Indian stone industry companies and promoting bilateral trade between India and Poland.

Capexil, the Council for the Promotion of Export, is an institution with a rich history and immense significance in the context of Indian exports of chemical and related products. Founded in 1958 by the Ministry of Commerce of the Indian government, Capexil currently unites over 4,500 members spread across the country. It is not just a business organization but also the voice of the Indian business community.

Capexil plays a pivotal role in promoting Indian exports. Its primary objective is to support and promote the export of chemical and related products from India on the international stage. To achieve this goal, the organization undertakes various initiatives, including sending trade delegations to important foreign markets and participating in international exhibitions and fairs.

In the current year, Capexil has taken up the challenge of participating in the prestigious Stone Fair held in Poland. Alongside 15 leading Indian companies from the stone industry, the organization aims to promote bilateral trade between India and Poland. This event will not only facilitate an increase in the export of natural stone but also create new opportunities for cooperation, technology transfer, and trade ties between the two countries.

At the 2023 Stone Fair, Capexil won't be the sole representative of India; in total, over 30 natural stone exporters will be present. This is an excellent opportunity to establish business partnerships, exchange experiences, and strengthen trade relations between Poland and India.

Capexil remains true to its role as the primary promoter of Indian exports. However, the organization is now focusing on natural stone, opening up new prospects for international trade and cultural cooperation between both countries. The Stone Fair becomes a place where the rich heritage of natural stone from Poland and India converge, creating opportunities for mutual benefits for entrepreneurs and both nations.