Thematic scope


The STONE Fair is the only event in Poland dedicated to stonemasons, which has been held continually for 11 years. MTP Group, as a leader of the trade fair industry and a partner in the area of business development, was the first to see the need to create a platform that would be a place for meetings of practitioners, exchange of experience, discussion and a contracting-friendly area.


  1. Natural stone
  2. Semi-finished products and stone products (block, slabs, plates, tiles, sculptures, fireplaces, fountains, gravestones)
  3. Stone finishing elements (floors, windowsills, stairs)
  4. Machines and equipment for quarrying, processing and working of stone
  5. Electric and pneumatic stoneworking tools
  6. Cutting tools, abrasive materials and consumables
  7. Spare parts and components
  8. Auxiliary equipment for loading, transport and unloading stone
  9. Funeral accessories
  10. Chemical products for the stone industry
  11. Stone renovation


  1. Computer software
  2. Unions, associations and chambers, schools
  3. Professional publications
  4. Other