Summary of the 2023 edition


The STONE Fair, held November 22-24 2023, brought together 120 exhibitors from Poland, China, France, India, Lithuania, Germany, Portugal, South Africa, Slovakia, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Italy. Nearly 2,500 industry professionals, plus the first edition of the Stone Industry Congress, combining the projects of architects and the needs of developers, as well as the promotion of the stone profession. This year's edition of STONE indicated the most important directions for the industry and foreshadowed the directions for future editions.

In keeping with the long-standing tradition of the Poznań International Fair, this year as many as 6 exhibitors who most spectacularly reconciled their stand vision with their company's marketing strategy left Poznań with Acanthus Aureus statuettes. Among the winners were the companies: Global Stone, Granit- Color, Hallindens Granit, Hm Granitos, Spatium Petra, Strassacker, Technistone.

November 22, 2023 marked the first edition of the Stone Industry Congress, organized in cooperation with the National Association of Manufacturers of Stone Products and the Polish Stone Association.

The Congress was addressed to professionals from the stone industry and related industries, including architecture, construction, restoration and conservation. The theme of the entire Congress focused on the issue of stone - from geology, processing, application, to its importance in architecture.

The main purpose of the Congress was to discuss the most important trends and challenges facing the stone industry. Participants had the opportunity to take part directly in panel discussions, lectures and workshops on issues such as:

- crystalline rocks as a building material;
- Fossilized life in limestone slabs;
- Stone in the architecture of Poznan;
- architecture, stone, music;
- technologies of restoration and conservation of stone in architecture

Participation in the Congress was an excellent opportunity to discuss, exchange knowledge with other industry professionals and establish valuable business contacts.

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An important issue that was discussed at the Stone Fair was occupational health and safety in stone factories. As part of the second day of the fair, for the first time, there was a panel devoted to health and safety in the stone industry. Partners in this event were the company OXYLINE SP. Z O.O., which presented respiratory solutions, issues of reusable respirators with dust filters, types and differences of dust filters and the forced-air system, and the Central Institute for Labor Protection, which runs a social campaign under the slogan “Protect Yourself and Others - Wear a respirator,” aimed at popularizing and spreading knowledge about respiratory protection using respirators.

Visitors also had the opportunity to hear about the future of masonry in the context of social media, thanks to a presentation by Tomasz Kos of #marmorstone, which was a follow-up to last year's talk.

One of the key points of the Stone fair was, organized in cooperation with the Polish Stonemasonry Association, an area for promoting the stonemasonry profession and nurturing its development. In workshops on manual stone processing, led by industry professionals, vocational school students were given the opportunity to experiment with Pińczów limestone.

Last year's edition did not lack the element of art either - Lubosz Karwat, who has been running the Studio of Artistic Crafts for more than 15 years, not only presented selected mosaics from his latest collection, but also conducted workshops, for vocational school students, on mosaic arrangement and conservation.


What will the 2024 edition be like? The latest trends in the stone industry, innovative solutions and inspiration in the processing and application of stone in architecture and design. Conservation and restoration of stone - the importance of these issues for the stone industry, highlighting the essence of knowledge and modern approaches in these fields.

Representation of exhibitors from Turkey at Stone fair in Poznan. Established cooperation between MTP Group and IZFAS, the Turkish organizer of one of the largest stone fairs in the world - Marble Izmir Fair.


We welcome anyone who wants to create, build perceive and seek... strength, durability and beauty in stone!

STONE Stone Industry Fair: November 20-22, 2024 in Poznan, Poland.

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